Stop Junk Food Cravings | 7 Day No Junk Food Challenge

Stop Junk Food Cravings with the 7 Day No Junk Food Challenge

stop junk food cravings
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If I had to ask, what would be your hardest thing to give up?  I asked my Facebook followers this question the other day, and not surprisingly, sugar, alcohol, white carbs, and processed foods were a HUGE concern.  Doesn’t that sound like a whole bunch of junk food?

I can personally attest that my results on my health & fitness journey can be attributed to my food choices. When I started to focus on eating REAL food, and giving up the junk, I noticed results!  If you are ready to give up the junk, but just don’t know how, join me for a free 7 day workshop!  I will help you kick the junk food beast and see results in 7 days!

—–> Join the free 7 Day Junk Food Challenge! <—–

The free group starts February 6th!  I will be providing a clean eating meal plan, and teaching you strategies to help you leave the junk food cravings behind!

Interested?  You can message me at or fill out my challenger application to join this group!  Let’s kick that junk food to the curb!

Fit Pregnancy Tips | Guest Post from Fit Foodie Mom Life

Fit Pregnancy Tips | Guest Post from Fit Foodie Mom Life

Why Pregnancy is not the Time to Make Excuses

We all know maintaining an exercise program and/or routine is huge and greatly affects the body. Working out clears the brain, enhances the body’s performance, and increases an individual’s self-confidence. If all this is true, then why don’t more people workout?

It’s simple.

Time and habit. And so life gets in the way, we lose track, and eventually it becomes weeks, months, and years since that last workout. Backaches, knee problems, hip issues, and neck pain seem to settle in and for many, that becomes the norm.

Hold the phone. This does not have to be the case. I am a huge advocate for pushing the body, maintaining a daily exercise regimen, and fighting for you goals. The body will go as far as the mind is determined. Don’t limit yourself.

I have always been a fitness kind of girl. But I grew up in that kind of environment so it comes easy and natural for me. I am now a mother and my second child is due next month. Many would say that I have every excuse in the book to give up my workout routine because (1. I am a busy momma and (2. my body is already working twice as hard by creating a human being.

So what. I’m pregnant. That only means my body is a temporary home for my child. My child doesn’t hinder my abilities to continue working out. My child also doesn’t stop me from continuing a healthy lifestyle.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I still squat, do pushups, lift weights, perform moderate cardio, and feed my body with healthy nutrients.

Pregnancy is not a handicap. Exercising during this time of your life is crazy important because your body is already undergoing a great deal of change. If you’ve been pregnant at least once then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s so easy to become frustrated with yourself because of the rapid weight gain, the exhaustion, and food cravings. You almost feel as if you have no control over your body.

Moms and moms to be, this is why I strongly encourage you to either keep up your workout routine throughout pregnancy or begin one. Besides feeling like you’ve lost your body completely, exercising during pregnancy aids with common aches and pains and can also help relieve nausea. I found this to be true for both of my pregnancies. Whenever I feel my back give out I do a moderate workout and cool down with 10-20 minutes of prenatal yoga.

Keeping up with a regular exercise routine will also slow down the weight gain. Exercise will tone the muscles, as well as promote strength and endurance, all super important for labor and delivery. And as for the number one motivation (at least for me), regular activity will make it easier for you to jump back after pregnancy. I experienced this with my son. Because who doesn’t want to fit right back into their jeans as soon as possible?!

Of course I want you to listen to your body and I do this every single day. Some days I feel up for jump squats and other days I modify the move. Pregnancy isn’t the time to lose weight or cause injuries just to reach your goals from pre-pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful season of life. Keeping up with a moderate exercise regimen 4-5 times a week will improve your overall health and help you jump right back into pre-pregnancy mode.

A few exercises I do on a weekly basis are squats, lunges, upper body exercises (i.e. shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, back rows), calf raises and my abdominals. I work from the obliques and not the front abs directly as that could injure you more than any good. The goal is to maintain your fitness level and not overexert to make a point. A guideline that I have followed throughout this entire pregnancy is if I can carry a normal conversation during my exercise routine, then I am in the safe zone with my heart rate.

Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both you and your baby. Besides maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you are also doing something for you—super important. Make time for you because you are worth it and pregnancy is and should be a special time of your life feeling vibrant and beautiful.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa is a crazy active mom to an 18 month old and soon baby #2. When she’s not blogging she loves to spend time with her family, workout, relax on the beach, and drink weird organic fermented juices.

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Blog for Mom Fitness | Week in Review

Blog for Mom Fitness | Week in Review

Week 3 of P90x3, Team Mom Bod Squad unites, Gorgeous weather, Toddler Sass and a cheerleader

Week 3 of P90x3 and some Toddler Sass

I really can’t believe that I’m wrapping up Week 3 of P90x3.  I was honestly super nervous to start this program because I thought it would be way too hard and was fearful that I would want to quit!  It’s crazy to say that this might be my favorite workout to date (I know I say that a lot!)  But the thing that I love the most about P90x3 is the VARIETY!  I’m doing different workouts everyday and mixing it up with weighted cardio, body weight workouts, yoga, and anything that Tony comes up with!

This little lady (who is approaching threenager stage 🙂 ) has been present in my workouts.  There have been some breaks for snuggles, snacks, toddler meltdowns, etc. but its better than not doing anything right?  I used to think that I had to do everything perfect and couldn’t stop to have success.  Well that is just unrealistic so if that excuse is stopping you from starting, throw it out the window!Blog for mom fitness

Fit Moms Unite!

I’m pumped about a new coach challenge that Beachbody has started!  Team Cup is starting next month which means that I get to work with other coaches across the organization in a little coach-style challenge group!  When I was in college or worked in corporate America I was never a fan of group work.  But this feels completely different because I’m working with like-minded, positive women who want to better themselves and others!  So, we are running headfirst into this contest!  And what name is better than Fit Mom Bod squad?! 🙂

My little cheerleader and some gorgeous weather!

My oldest daughter cheered in a clinic this weekend for the first time!  It was so fun to see her have such a great time.  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up but I love seeing her thrive!  We also enjoyed gorgeous weather this weekend!!  60s in Pittsburgh in January?  You know we are getting outside!  We did endure a Steelers AFC Championship loss, but I’ll digress on that one…

Recipe of the Week

Since this was such a gorgeous weekend, we of course got outside for a picnic lunch!  I don’t know about you but I am stuck a lot with lunch!  This tuna salad is one of my favorite healthy staples and is super easy to pack and take!

1 can tuna
greek yogurt and dijon mustard to taste

Combine, refrigerate and take!  YUM!

Mindset Mojo of the Week

I’m reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and its pretty much DAILY lightbulbs.  Such an amazing read and I highly recommend this book if you are looking to achieve big things!!

Fit Mom Blog Week in Review! January Week 1

Fit Mom Blog Week in Review

New Program, My Birthday, and Starting off 2017!

I’ve been doing my Taking Stock for a few months now but I also thought it would be fun to add a week in review blog!  I started P90x3 on January 2nd and its a 90 day program (eek!!!) So I figured it would be fun to track my progress through the program here.  So this is kind of like a two weeks in review but a lot has happened since 2017 began!

Super Saturday and the Purposeful Life Training

The first week of Saturday was our quarterly coach meeting!  We were lucky enough to have our CEO, Carl Daikeler there to talk to us about our mission.  To help others, create change, and make an impact on the world.  I am truly, truly blessed by this company!  My goal was always to make a positive impact on the world with my work.  Carl reminded us that we have that chance every single day by encouraging others to just get started on their health & fitness journey!

fit mom blog week in review
Me and fellow coach friend Sandra wondering if we can make it through the 9pm live workout! (we did and it was AWESOME!)

My Birthday!

This past weekend was my birthday and we celebrated with a little birthday cake (YUM!), a yummy breakfast from my favorite breakfast spot, and a cooking class!  It was a really fun weekend doing fun and different things (including learning how to truss a chicken 🙂 )

first watch healthy breakfast

My favorite recipe of the week

healthy grain free recipe

I have no idea what to call this but it sure was yummy!

Baked chicken over kale with sweet potatoes, feta, and tomatoes!

Season chicken with paprika, s&p. Sear on both sides in a little olive or grape seed oil then finish in a 425 degree oven. Slice and serve on top of parboiled and ice bath shocked kale. Top with tomatoes, feta and roasted sweet potatoes. Dress with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, s&p and lemon juice.
So good!

Workout Takeaways of the Week

This week I started a brand new program (well, new to me 🙂 ) P90x3 is a 90 day program, which was incredibly daunting to me!  I have a hard time focusing for 30 days on a program, let alone for 90!  But I am now 14 days in and I LOVE it!  Its 30 minutes, which is incredibly helpful to minimize interruptions :), and it has tons of VARIETY!  I’ve done cardio, agility, weights, yoga, and body weight workouts.  I love that it keeps me on my toes and everyday is something new!  This program used to intimidate me but I’m thankful that I took a chance.  Think about what I would have been missing out on otherwise!

P90X3 workout for women


Mindset Mojo of the Week

I just loved this quote I heard from one of my mentors, Josh Coats.  I’ve been really focused on making my goals all about consistency.  I think you can apply this to so many things in life!

positive mindset blog


Taking Stock – January | Womens Fitness Blog

Taking Stock – January

Well since its January 9th I suppose its about time for Taking Stock right?

So here’s what I’m taking stock of…

Making:  a shelf to hold all of my new essential oils!  I’m a newbie but am learning thanks to my friend Tiffany
Cooking: Anything and everything healthy and full of nutrients!!  Its all about eating the best foods I possibly can this year and I was inspired by my friend Erin to ditch the grains.  So (I haven’t posted this on social media because I’m chicken LOL) but I’ve resisted grains (except for a cookie and a few tortilla chips) since January 2nd.  I don’t really miss them.  But my birthday is coming up so expect a derail for some Prantl’s burnt almond torte!
Drinking:  Lemon water from my new Yeti, Lacroix berry, and of course Shakeology!
Reading:  The Go Giver Leader, The Circle Maker, Uninvited and soon Made to Crave (I’m rather unconventional in that I read a little bit of each book per day or so) Plus I’m in two bible studies so that ups my homework 🙂  My goal is to read 24 books this year!
Listening:  Dave Ramsey podcasts
Wanting:  To stay focused on my goals!
Watching:  Not much of anything actually!  Wait, definitely making time for Nashville that its on CMT!
Playing:  Anything indoors… is it spring yet??
Wishing:  I could fast forward my goals… God’s timing not mine
Enjoying:  The de-cluttering process that comes with post-holiday cleanups
Waiting:  For once, somewhat patiently!
Wondering:  What will this year bring?
Loving:  The new beginnings that a new year brings.  Love fresh goals and fresh pages!
Hoping:  To continue to pray circles around my biggest goals.  Improved prayer life is one of my most important goals for the year.
Needing:  Not much… focusing on the blessings around me.  Really striving to be content and grateful during the season of pushing hard for bigger things!
Wearing:  Still warm things!!  its so cold here!
Thinking:  It might be time to refresh our kitchen (see my FB page for the discussion)
Noticing:  All of the new goals being set for the new year!  So many people excited about a new year and getting healthy!
Knowing:  Big things are coming.  Trusting in the Lord to lead my path and be my lighthouse.
Feeling:  Hopeful.

2017.  Bring it.

Taking Stock - January