Chicken Wing Recipe (Easy Appetizer)

These air fryer lemon pepper wings are crisp to perfection!

Just a few simple ingredients like lemon, pepper, chicken wings and butter or ghee and you have an easy appetizer recipe for any party or an easy dinner. Done in less than 25 minutes!


chicken wings ghee lemon zest garlic lemon pepper onion salt

Why This Recipe Works

– Can be made straight from frozen. – Perfect appetizer to feed a crowd for any party or holiday!

Rinse and pat chicken dry. Season well with your favorite dry rub, be sure it includes salt.


Add chicken to basket coated with coconut oil spray in one layer. Be sure not to crowd the basket and cook in batches if necessary.


Melt ghee and mix in remaining ingredients to make lemon pepper sauce.


Once wings are done, lightly coat the wings in the lemon pepper sauce. Serve immediately.


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