Traeger Pork Tenderloin

Pellet grill pork tenderloin provides the best juicy and delicious meat in a fraction of the time of smoking!

This recipe for Traeger grilled pork is cooked at 400F in under 20 minutes! Easy and quick summer meal!


Delicious Flavors!

For this recipe, we opted for minced garlic, olive oil, fresh rosemary, salt, and pepper.


Prepare the pork tenderloin by removing the silver skin and excess fat. Then season the pork with a rub or marinade - we started with olive oil before seasoning.

Season with salt and pepper. Place minced garlic and chopped rosemary over the pork loin and rub the marinade into the meat. Marinate for 4 hours.


Heat the grill to 400.  Place the meat on the grates and close the top. Cook the meat with the top closed for 6-8 minutes per side until it temps to 150F.



Allow meat to rest for about 5 minutes before slicing into medallions.

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