Apple Crisp Recipe for Thanksgiving

Enjoy this healthy apple crisp recipe that is bursting with a delectable filling of fresh apples. The delicious apple scent will have your kitchen smelling like fall!

Make this easy apple crisp recipe for Thanksgiving! It is an easy Thanksgiving dessert your guests will love!


Apples Coconut oil Water Granola Vanilla Extract Apple pie spice Coconut sugar Coconut Flour

Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Top it with vanilla ice cream for the ultimate treat!


Wash and peel the apples. Slice evenly, very thinly or dice. Add coconut sugar, water, and spices.

Mix together gently until well coated. Place the apple mixture in a lightly greased 8X8 baking dish.


Mix together granola, coconut oil, and honey.


Gently press crumble topping over the top of the apples.  Bake at 350F for 20 minutes uncovered and another 10 minutes covered with foil.


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