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Whole30 Shopping List for Doing Whole30 on a Budget!

December 18, 2018

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Whole30 Shopping List for wherever you shop for Whole30 on a Budget!

This Whole30 shopping list and beginner’s guide to Whole30 will help you to do Whole30 on a budget and with success!!  Are you planning on doing a January Whole30?  Anytime is a perfect time to give Whole30 a try!

tips for doing whole30 on a budget and eating healthy new years resolution

What is Whole30

The basics of Whole30 is eliminating trigger foods that may affect the way you feel.  Trigger foods include grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, processed food, and sugar.  You will avoid these foods for 30 days.

After Whole30 you begin reintroduction which helps you to identify which of these foods you are sensitive to.

What Made Me Fail at my first Whole30

I’ve done two Whole30s in my life.  One was successful and one was not.  Why did this happen?  Mainly due to my preparation!

When I did the first round of Whole30 I did not have a plan of attack.  I didn’t take the time to research what Whole30 is and what I could be eating.  The result?  I was extremely frustrated and HANGRY.  That equaled a failed Whole30!

When I had a Whole30 Shopping List, Whole30 meal plan and was in the right frame of mind, I had great success!  My Whole30 results went far beyond weight loss!  Also, finding easy, budget-friendly Whole30 recipes helped me to be able to do Whole30 on a budget and not break the bank!

Whole30 on a Budget

The biggest key to doing Whole30 on a budget is to be prepared!  Do not go into Whole Foods without a list and a plan of attack!  You will end up buying way too much food!

Whole30 on a budget is possible!  I try to find more cost-effective options at stores like ALDI, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, and even Walmart!

My Whole30 Results

When I did Whole30 I was looking to detox my body.  It was springtime and I really wanted to get my insides in great health for the summer.  My Whole30 results were:

  • less mental fog
  • skin was clear – including keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin!)
  • digestion was amazing
  • great sleep
  • so much energy
  • and lost a bit of weight (even though that wasn’t my overall goal)

Whole30 Meal Plan

The other thing that helped in my success in the second round of Whole30 was to create a Whole30 meal plan.  I scoured Pinterest for HOURS to figure out what to eat, what not to eat, what recipes were easy, etc.

I’m taking the leg work out of it for you!  You can download a FREE 7-day Whole30 meal plan!

whole30 7 day meal plan free printable

Whole30 Shopping List

One of my favorite places to shop when I’m looking to shop for Whole30 on a budget is ALDI!  ALDI has so many options for Whole30-approved foods.  I also shopped at Whole Foods, Costco and farmer’s markets when looking to round out what I need for my Whole30!

Easy to follow Whole30 Shopping List

Download your FREE printable!

whole30 shopping list for doing whole30 on a budget at ALDI

How to eat Whole30 in a Restaurant

One thing I did not want to do with Whole30 was completely avoid all normal life activities!  We would still have events, go to restaurants, and have things going on.  Your level of Whole30 compliance will definitely impact your results (see below for some of the criticisms that come from Whole30 die-hards!)

I knew that eating at home 100% of the time for 30 days was not going to happen.  If you are in a similar situation as me, then here are a few guidelines that I followed when eating out that really helped to to figure out how to eat Whole30 in a restaurant.

  • Tip 1:  Stick to meats and veggies.  The likelihood of organic veggies and grass-fed meats is rare at most restaurants.  You can inquire at the restaurant but understand that they might not have that option.
  • Tip 2:  Ask what kind of oil things are cooked in.  Request Whole30-approved oils if possible.
  • Tip 3:  Suggest restaurants to your family and friends that you know you are able to order a Whole30-approved dish.
  • Tip 4:  Check out the menu beforehand.  Knowing what you will order is very helpful.
  • Tip 5:  If you are in a situation where there is literally nothing to order, order a side salad and ask the restaurant to cook you a piece of grilled chicken.

Whole30 comes with it’s critics

There are some SERIOUS Whole30-ers out there.  The program is definitely life-changing so I get that!  I tend to err on the side of everyday reasonableness when it comes to any eating plan.

When I did Whole30 I was very particular about what I ate and sticking to the plan.  That being said, I also took a few liberties that some Whole30-ers may scoff at.

For one – snacks are not recommended on Whole30.  At the time I did Whole30, I was a habitual snacker.  I did not snack on unhealthy things, but I did eat a mid-afternoon snack each day.

I knew that going full throttle on Whole30 and eliminating my snack would sabotage me.  So, instead of worrying about being perfect, I decided to find a Whole30 approved snack Cashew cookie Lara bars helped me when I needed a snack.

I also used intuitive eating to question if I really needed the snack and then if I did, I ate it guilt-free.  I know this isn’t ideal for hardcore Whole30 followers, but it worked for me.

Whole30 Beginners Guide & Tools

Preparation is key in having a successful Whole30.  If this is your first Whole30, here are a few resources that might help you get prepared!

Best Easy Whole30 Recipes

Here are a few of my favorite Whole30 recipes that are easy!

Turkey & Veggie Skillet
Butternut Squash Salad (omit honey from vinaigrette)
Brussel Sprouts & Bacon (choose sugar-free bacon)
Crockpot Beef Stew
Whole30 Chicken
Breakfast Frittata (omit cheese)
Instant Pot Buffalo Meatballs
Whole30 Salmon

Whole30 Tools

These are a few of my favorite kitchen prep tools for making Whole30 meal prep easy!


More Helpful Whole30 Resources!

These are just a few of my favorite printed resources to help you have a successful Whole30!

Meal Prep Tips for a Successful Whole30

The Whole30 Website for additional resources!

Alright friends tell me about your Whole30 experiences!  Will you be trying Whole30 in 2019?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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