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Low Carb Appetizers – 21 Healthy Appetizers for the Holidays

October 11, 2018

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21 Healthy, Paleo or Low Carb Appetizers for your Holiday Party

These low carb appetizers will help you to avoid gaining holiday weight if you’re following looking to eat less carbs or follow a low carb diet or ketogenic diet.

low carb holiday appetizer ideas that are easy to make ahead and take to a party

low carb holiday appetizer ideas that are easy to make ahead and take to a party

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain While Following a Low Carb Diet

low carb appetizers that are easy to make ahead and take to a party

Are you looking to stay in control of your eating during the holidays?  If you’re on a fitness journey and looking to avoid holiday weight gain, you totally can!

My biggest tip for watching holiday weight gain is to bring something to the party!  When you know there is at least one healthy option to choose from, it makes it a lot easier to indulge in moderation!

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I also like to recommend that you do not withhold yourself from indulging!  It might sound crazy, but stick with me!

When you allow yourself to taste everything but not eat a full serving of everything, you will not feel deprived.  It can be hard on the keto diet feeling like you are missing out!

Do you really want to have food off limits?  I don’t!  So for me, moderation is key!  I try to stick to veggies, proteins and healthy fats but still like to indulge a bit at the holidays!

21 Healthy, Low-Carb or Paleo Appetizers for your Holiday Party

These appetizers are delicious and great to bring to a holiday party – even your carb-loving friends will enjoy!

healthy christmas appetizers for easy keto friendly holiday entertaining

healthy appetizers for the holidays for following the keto low carb diet

christmas party appetizers that are healthy low carb and keto diet friendly

best low carb christmas appetizers for easy healthy holiday entertaining

easy healthy appetizers for keto low carb paleo holiday appetizers

easy healthy christmas appetizers for the low carb or keto diet

low carb appetizers to make ahead and take to a party for Christmas

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Do you follow any kind of nutrition plan during the holidays?  Share with me your best tips for staying healthy during the holidays! Tell me about your plan in the comments!

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