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Avoid Mom Burnout with These 5 Wellness Secrets

October 2, 2018

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My Top 5 Secrets for How I Killed My Inner Mom-Zombie

Rest, don’t quit. Rest? What is rest? We’re supposed to push, hustle, have grit, because… we can rest when we’re dead right?

I’ve got a newsflash for you. This concept of running ourselves into the ground to do and be all the things… that is how we end up as Mom-Zombies.  

What is a Mom-Zombie? It’s us. It’s every mom out there who is reading this who finds herself completely exhausted, wanting to get healthier, wanting to grow her job or her business, wanting to raise amazing kids, wanting to be an amazing wife, but she can’t. She can’t because she is just completely exhausted.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you my Mom-Zombie is completely dead. She likes to rear her ugly head.  But, what I will tell you is that by following five simple course-correcting life choices, I have been able to control her. I know when my inner Mom-Zombie starts chattering and I know how to cut her down to size.

avoid mom burnout with easy remedies for moms who are tired all the time

How to Avoid Mom Burnout with My Top 5 Secrets 

Secret 1:  Put The Phone Down

In an age where our phone can be considered another appendage to our body, we have to take the control back. When I felt tired or worn out, what did I do? I would scroll. I wouldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t take a hot bath, I wouldn’t read a book, I would scroll.  

Social media is here to stay. We can let it consume our lives, our mindset, and our self-worth, or we can take the control away from the little plastic rectangle we hold in our hands.

How am I working on this? Recently I decided to start social media fasts. Considering my job exists because of social media makes this a bit complicated. But instead of viewing social media and my phone as something that always had to be on, I started to give it office hours, just like a job. If social media isn’t your job but you feel like it takes up the time a job would, give the phone boundaries! Maybe that means unplugging by a certain time at night. Social media free weekends are also an amazing concept that I should have started years ago.

Secret 2:  Get More Sleep

As part of my desire to hustle, hustle, hustle in my previous businesses, I decided that sleep was no longer necessary. I could go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5 because “that’s what entrepreneurs do.” I’m calling crap on that concept.

So I started to sleep more. I feel human again.  I’m more focused with my time. Since the phone and I have boundaries now, I’m not sucked into scroll-land at 10:30pm. It’s magical.

Secret 3:  Drink More Water

This is so simple but so hard to do. Taking control of our health can be done in small steps. One of the easiest ways to do it is to drink more water. Just don’t drink too much too close to bedtime or else you risk screwing up Secret #2.

Secret 4:  Stop Eating Crap

I operate a healthy lifestyle blog. It’s not because I eat kale salads for lunch everyday. It’s because if I didn’t share with you what I eat and how I’m getting healthier, it wouldn’t happen for me. My blog is my accountability. Otherwise I’d be downing Chick Fil-A sauce & Diet Cokes in the corner.  

When I eat healthier, I feel better. So most of the time I do.  But I don’t feel bad when I make a not-so-healthy choice. Donuts are soul-satisfying, don’t you think?

Secret 5:  Move

Getting active is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I’m not telling you to start working out for an hour a day or try to keep up with the fitness models of Instagram.  But if you are having trouble getting into a regular schedule of physical activity, figure out 10 minutes a day that you can do something. Take a walk, do some crunches, lift some weights.  

If that works for you, add on. Maybe up it to 20 minutes. Take a mile walk. Go to a yoga class.  

These 5 Secrets sound simple and they are. But here’s the thing, it’s incredibly easy to fall back into mom-zombie pattern. If my schedule gets thrown off, I find myself taking steps back. We can do anything, but we can’t do everything. Things will go wrong, we will have off days. But the progress we can in moving out of Mom-Zombie status is well worth it.  It’s time to celebrate that progress and move forward with an abundance of grace.

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Has your Mom-Zombie been active in your life lately?  Tell me about it in the comments!

easy remedies for moms who are tired all the time

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