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Polly Pocket 2018! Yep – They’re Back!

October 1, 2018

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Polly Pocket 2018 is happening!

Where are all of my 90s girls at?!  There is nothing I love more than nostalgia.  I’m a true reminiscer and I love nothing more than sharing memories with my girls.  When I saw that Polly Pocket were back, I was excited.

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I’m also always looking for toy ideas that can keep my girls occupied for an extended period of time.  Bright colors and make-believe scenes are a hit for us, so Polly Pocket has become an instant favorite for my girls!


polly pocket 2018 are back at walmart

Polly Pocket 2018 are a great gift idea for girls!

I was absolutely thrilled to find that one of the most popular toys for girls in the 90s – Polly Pocket – is back! You can learn more and add to cart at Walmart!  It’s funny that as a little girl there was nothing cooler than Polly Pocket.  What is it about miniature pieces that are so fun?

polly pocket 2018 at walmartpolly pocket 2018 are back at walmart easy christmas gift ideas for girls

Polly Pocket 2018 is just like our favorite toy of the 90s.  The pieces are small, colorful and unique!  I used to love setting up little scenes when I was playing and the Polly Pocket 2018 is just the same as the 90s toy.

My girls were so excited to try out the Polly Pocket toys.  Any toy that can get them this excited and occupy them for hours is a win for us!

The other thing I just loved was that we were able to connect a childhood memory of mine with a toy they can enjoy today!

favorite toys for girls for christmas 2018polly pockets are at walmart - buy inexpensive christmas gifts for girls at walmart

My girls love having a variety of character with different scenes.  I think the flamingo pool scene and mini keychains were two quick favorites!favorite gifts for girls to play with best toys for girls for christmas 2018

If you are looking to find a great gift for a special girl, Polly Pockets are a perfect idea!  There are a variety of scenes and dolls for any little girl enjoy!

You can learn more and add to cart by visiting this link for Walmart ! Polly Pocket is available both in store and online. Add to cart by visiting this link!

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