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Things to Be Thankful For {Attitude of Gratitude 30 Day Challenge}

September 25, 2018

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Teach Your Kids Gratitude by Recognizing Things to Be Thankful For!

This 30 day gratitude challenge was designed to start conversations with families!  Teaching kids how to understand things to be thankful for can be tough.  It’s hard for them to understand what it means to be grateful.

free gratitude printable for 30 days of things to be thankful for challenge

One of the easiest ways to begin to introduce the attitude of gratitude to little ones is to begin conversations.  By beginning conversations about what blessings are around them, they will begin to recognize the good things in their days!

Things to Be Thankful For – How the Attitude of Gratitude 30 Day Challenge Works

Each day, there will be a gratitude topic prompt. Each family member will get to tell the family about what they are grateful for.  Here is a list of conversation starters to begin to discuss things to be thankful for!

The topics are designed to be simple.  This will help each family member, no matter what their age, to be able to tell about what that topic means to them!

Day 1:  Friendship
Day 2:  Health
Day 3:  Teacher
Day 4:  Kindness
Day 5:  Emotions
Day 6:  Food
Day 7:  Freedom
Day 8:  Talent
Day 9:  Gift
Day 10:  You
Day 11:  Parents
Day 12:  Siblings
Day 13:  Nature
Day 14:  Convenience
Day 15:  Strength
Day 16:  Music
Day 17:  Book
Day 18:  Memory
Day 19:  Challenge
Day 20:  Country
Day 21:  Travel
Day 22:  Treat
Day 23:  City
Day 24:  Helper
Day 25:  Church
Day 26:  Growth
Day 27:  Today
Day 28:  Tradition
Day 29:  School
Day 30:  Belief

Download Your 30 Days Attitude of Gratitude Challenge Worksheet!

30 days of things to be thankful for gratitude challenge

This 30 day attitude of gratitude challenge is perfect for November.  You can also do it any month where you really want to drive home the concept of thankfulness!  Before long you and your family will really be focused on things to be thankful for!

This list can also work as a journal prompt if you have older kids or simply want to record your thoughts to read later!

Have you ever done a gratitude challenge?  If so, what was your biggest takeaway from it?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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