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Change the Future with the All of Us PA Research Program

September 24, 2018

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All of Us PA is revolutionizing preventing disease!

Growing up with a chronically ill grandparent made me very aware of how important it is to understand health.  One reason as to why I am so passionate about health and fitness is because I want to inspire a new generation.  It’s time for us to take control of our family’s health.  An easy way to contribute to this is through the All of Us PA research study.  All of Us PA is a program that you can participate in to change the future of medicine.  The is a sponsored post in partnership with All of Us PA and The Motherhood.

all of us pa research program

The goal of All of Us Pennsylvania is to engage with one million or more people in the U.S.  The program is designed to revolutionize how disease is prevented and treated.  Focusing on individual lifestyle, environment, and genetic differences, All of Us is getting to the root of these causes.

The University of Pittsburgh begins All of Us Study Locally

The National Institutes of Health partnered with the University of Pittsburgh to begin the program locally with a $4.2 million award.  With plans to increase the award to nearly $67 million over five years, the infrastructure of this program is happening locally.

All of Us PA, the program at the University of Pittsburgh, plans to enroll 120,000 local patients.  The program is planning to fund these pilot studies to get the data they need.  The goal of the program is to advance precision care, meaning care based on each individual.  This type of care accounts for your lifestyle, family history, where you live and what you do.

You can be a part of this study and help to change the future of medicine.  This study may improve your health and the health of your family, by focusing on the unique attributes that contribute to disease.

Find the All of Us Pennsylvania study location closest to you by visiting

Steps to Scheduling are Simple

Schedule: ​Make an appointment! You can do this by calling 412-383-2737 or online

Enroll: ​Complete the online consent process, answer health surveys and safely share your health data.  Additionally, you may also complete this at the enrollment center.

Participate:​ At your visit, you will be asked to have your physical measurements taken and give blood and urine. This appointment is free of charge.

Contribute:​ Your information will be privately (name and SSN removed) added to the All of Us Research Program database via an individual code.   Your health information will be added to the All of Us Research Program database. The information gathered in this study will help researchers to do health studies and work towards medical breakthroughs with precision care.

Join All of Us PA

Not surprisingly, All of Us Pennsylvania has already enrolled more than 8,000 participants!  By participating, you will receive $25 for your partnership.  Learn more by visiting or call 412-383-2737.

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