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Healthy School Lunch Ideas {DIY Lunchables}

September 18, 2018

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DIY Lunchables are a healthy and inexpensive way to create new healthy school lunch ideas your kids will love!

If your kids are anything like mine then their eyes are immediately drawn to those little yellow boxes.  You know the ones.  Lunchables.  They are quite the novelty for my littles.  I have no idea what it is about processed food in a box, but such as kids right?

healthy school lunch ideas for elementary or preschool kids

Since the typical lunchable are quite pricey and contain a number of ingredients I can’t pronounce, I created my own DIY lunchables that my girls really love.

Creating healthy school lunch ideas can be easy and much more budget-friendly.

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure for details.

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How to Create Healthy School Lunch Ideas Kids will Actually Eat

school lunch ideas for picky eaters

Step 1:  Find a cool container.  Nothing says novelty like a fun new lunch container.  I love the snappable compartment containers from Sistema I tested them with my girls in Target to make sure they could be opened on their own.  Autonomy at its finest!

Step 2:  Fill your containers with the usual “lunchable” ingredients!  We usually fill ours with Applegate turkey lunchmeat, cheese, and Blue Diamond almond crackers.

Step 3:  Round out your lunchable with a veggie, fruit & treat.  I work with what my kids like.  My girls like carrots and tomatoes (as in one likes tomatoes and one likes carrots 🙂 ) so we usually add that veggie into their lunch.  We rotate between different school-friendly fruits like apples, grapes or mandarin oranges.  The treat is what it is, a treat!  I’m just thrilled my girls are eating a fruit and veggie at lunch!  We keep the treat small but it’s there.

Step 4:  Prep your lunchables!  I like to make mine on the weekends and then they are grab and go all week.  If your kiddos like variety (maybe they pack a different lunch or buy some days) then make 2 or 3.  Any prep is well worth it during the busy week!

easy school lunch ideas for toddlers

Looking for healthy snack ideas for kids?  These 13 Healthy Snack ideas for back to school are super kid friendly!

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These are our favorite containers to use for lunches to pack for school or picnics.  I love that they are easy for my girls to open and phthalate free and BPA free.  They also are easy to clean in the dishwasher!

These reusable snack bags are from my favorite all natural company Grove Collaborative! 

healthy easy school lunch ideas

So there you have it! Any easy healthy lunch idea for your kids to pack for school, or even for you to take to work!  I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty much a fan of these DIY lunchables too!

This healthy dinner idea is a crowd pleaser! It’s a super easy, not to mention quick & healthy weeknight mealAir Fryer Chicken Tenders

Tell me in the comments – what are your kids favorite things to take to school for lunch?  What are your struggles with getting your kids to eat healthy?

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