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33 Keto Crockpot Recipes for Low Carb Weeknight Dinners

August 6, 2018

These 33 Keto Crockpot Recipes will make Low Carb Eating a Breeze!

Looking for some easy low carb dinners?  Me too!  Anything that I can set and forget is my kind of dinner.

This blog post brings you 33 of the yummiest Keto-friendly, low carb, Whole30 and Paleo crock pot recipes.  These recipes will give you an easy keto dinner for weeknights or anytime.


slow cooker keto recipes for easy low carb paleo and whole30 dinners

33 keto crockpot meals for low carb slow cooker whole30 approved and paleo recipes

What is the Keto Diet

Before I tell you about what the Keto diet is, I disclaim that any and all “diet” that you choose to follow should be discussed with your doctor.

In a quick and dirty Keto tutorial, the Keto diet is basically where you eat higher amounts of fats and lower amounts of carbs.  Once done properly, following a Keto diet will send your body into a state of ketosis, during which your stored fat is used as energy.  

So, your calories are coming from fat, not carbs. Thus, your body burns your stored fat! If the Keto diet is something you’re looking to follow, it can become quite pricey to purchase fresh, organic foods, right?!  

In an effort to help you stay on budget, this post is going to help you navigate the Keto diet at my favorite budget friendly keto store, Aldi!

Need Gift Ideas for the Keto fan on your list?

keto diet for beginners guide and gift guide for waht to buy for christmas for somoene on the keto diet

Keep Scrolling for the 33 Keto Crockpot Recipes!

What not to eat on the Keto Diet

There are a few items that are no-no’s on the keto diet.  The keto diet is defined as low-carb.  That means you will be limiting certain foods.

The foods to avoid on keto are:

sugars and sweets
processed foods
high-carb fruits
factory farmed fish & pork
refined oils and fats

Here is a list of 33 Keto Crockpot Recipes that will get your dinner done in no time!

Low Carb Soup Recipes

keto beef stew recipe for keto crock pot dinners

Crockpot Mexican Chicken Soup
Whole30 Beef Stew
Gluten Free Beef Bourguignon
Paleo Beef Stew
Keto Chicken Chili

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Need Help with Keto Meal Planning?  This will help!

keto meal planning

Whole30, Paleo, Keto Mexican Recipes

keto mexican recipes for easy weeknight mealsSalsa Verde Chicken
Keto Pork Carnitas
Cuban Style Pork
Gluten Free Chicken Adobo
Salsa Chicken
Pork Tacos
Mexican Casserole

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Asian Crock Pot Recipes

whole30 and keto approved crockpot dinners for low carb weeknight meals

Beef & Broccoli
Chinese Short Ribs
Chicken Schwarma
Miso Soy Turkey
Thai Chicken
Green Curry Chicken

My list of Best Resources for How to Start a Keto Diet

Other Yummy Keto Crockpot and Whole30 and Paleo Approved Slow Cooker Dinners

Paleo crockpot recipes for easy low carb dinner
Pork Chops with Apples & Onions
Lemon Garlic Chicken
Osso Bucco
Butter Chicken
Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks
Shredded Lemon Chicken
Paleo Pot Roast
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Beef Ragu
Chicken Meatballs
Turkey Breast
Tuscan Garlic Chicken
BBQ Chicken

And a yummy breakfast!

Slow Cooker Granola

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What do you think of the ketogenic diet and this low carb craze?  Have you tried it? Tell me about your favorite keto or low carb recipes in the comments!

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