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Why Every Direct Selling Mom Needs to Start a Blog

July 20, 2018

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Why Every Direct Selling Mom Needs to Start a Blog

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog to help your direct selling business, this article will show you how starting a blog can provide additional income and widen your business opportunities!

Hey there Direct Selling Mama!  Let me guess, you started your direct selling or multi-level marketing business because you

  1. Wanted extra income
  2. Wanted to create an online community
  3. Love a product (like super-fan status) and want to share it with others?

So yes we know that so many MLMs are now run via social media.  Be it Instagram or Facebook I can almost guarantee that your feed is flooded with friends who are marketing their own direct selling business.  But there is another vehicle you should consider if you are are a direct seller.  And that is a blog!

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Before I started blogging full time, I was a full-time network marketer.  I started as a product super-fan and was looking for an additional income stream.  So, I went all in!  All of my time, energy and focus went into building up that network marketing business.

Remember that old advice, never put all of your eggs in one basket?  Well I didn’t listen to that. I put all of my eggs in my network marketing basket.  But when the overall business went down, so did my paycheck and my morale. It was totally my fault for putting all of my hopes and self-worth into achieving a rank in my network marketing business. 

So side-note, if that’s you and you’re doing it, stop it right now.  Your worth is not defined by the rank or title another person gives you. 

I found myself working really hard, totally consumed by the business and not anywhere near where I wanted to be with it.  I started to think of other ways that I could create income.

Before I started my network marketing business, my blog was a way for me to document my fitness journey. But as I started to focus more on building my direct selling business, I started blogging less and less.  I had zero traffic, was making no money from my blog, and was not realizing the power that it could have.  I actually considered cancelling my hosting and just giving up on it.

Pin me!

why direct sellers need a blog for their direct selling business

Ready to start your blog?  Start here!

I was frustrated, completely burned out and nowhere near where I wanted to be with any of my businesses.  

So what did I do?  I got curious!  There had to be a secondary option.  I gave my blog a second chance.  How could I use my blog to create an additional income stream?  Pinterest, watching YouTube videos, burning out my Google search bar to figure out how I could make money blogging – that became my mission.

What I realized became the best news ever!  I had ZERO clue about what I was doing as a blogger when I was dabbling in it before.  So for you that means that if you are clueless about blogging – you’re in good company!  All of the information is out there for you to doing this thing too!

I had seen people make money with blogs and sponsored posts.  I realized that this could be a perfect way to diversify my income streams and spread my eggs amongst multiple baskets.  

Can you start a blog and do network marketing?

One of the funniest things that happens to me now is that people ask me if I’m still working with my direct selling business.  It’s funny when you think no one is watching what you do and then they start asking you a TON of questions you realize, yep there were!

The answer is yes – I am still a rep with my direct selling business.  My direct selling business changed my life. It was the vehicle I needed to realize that there was a lot more for me than what I thought.  I will happily tell anyone about it who asks! But now, I’ve realized that my blog is the vehicle for me to create so much more and impact that many more people.  What I didn’t realize is that there was SO MUCH MORE for me than I thought.

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Why You Should Start a Blog

1.You will become a better writer by starting a blog.

Relating to customers on social media comes through storytelling.  But since so many of us don’t wake up ready to write our next novel, telling our story online is incredibly challenging, sweat-inducing, and basically painful.  Through blogging,  I’ve learned how to more freely and authentically tell my story. If you feel like an icky salesperson when you are promoting your direct selling business it’s because you haven’t yet found a way to effectively tell your story.  Blogging was the solution for me to actually become a better writer and more effectively market myself.

2. You can create another stream of income.

With multi-level marketing you generally earn money through sales commissions, bonuses and/or recruiting people to join your team.  One of the biggest complaints I have about that structure is that (in many cases) you are relying a huge majority of your income on the work of others.  And since most direct selling teams are volunteer armies, you can’t really determine how hard or seriously your team will work. With blogging, my income is determined majorly on my effort.  How much I choose to blog and what I choose to blog about has a direct effect on my income.

3. Your blog can help to market your network marketing business

Starting a blog doesn’t mean you have to quit your network marketing business.  In fact it can actually help it! About two years ago I wrote a review on one of my company’s new programs.  I am still on Page 1 of Google for that program. It brings me traffic everyday to my blog. I am exposed to potential new customers on both the direct selling and blogging front.

4 More Reasons why You should become a blogger! Keep Reading.

4. Being a blogger means you are in the driver’s seat.

With direct selling you are at the mercy of your company and the products that they launch.  You are your own business owner, but you still have a tie to a corporate decision maker. Your MLM’s corporate team are the ones deciding when products get launched, how they get launched, and even sometimes how you can market them.  Blogging is your vehicle. Unless you are working 100% with sponsored posts you will be able to decide what to blog about. You can decide what brands you want to pitch to work with. Will they always want to work with you, of course not!  But, you get to make the decisions on how, when, and why you work with them.

5. You will connect and create an online community

The blogging community is so similar to the network marketing community!  Connecting with other bloggers has been so awesome to create new friendships and learn so much about blogging!  

6. You can promote more products.

One of my biggest concerns when joining a direct selling company was that I was going to be pigeon-holed into promoting only one type of product.  Blogging allows me to share so many products that I use on a daily basis. It has helped me to become so much more well-rounded!

So if you haven’t started a blog yet, what are you waiting for?  In just 6 months I have been able to increase my blog traffic by 1000% (you can read about that here) and create a side income that has surpassed my income I made with my network marketing business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how YOU can start a blog, enter your email below and I will send you over some tips for getting your blog started!  

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