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Mom Blogs Update {How to Grow Your Mom Blog and Make Money}

July 10, 2018

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Mom Blogs Update! The Exact Steps I took to Grow my Mom Blog by 1000% in 6 months

mom blogs use these tools to grow blog traffic and make money

6 months ago I was staring at a blog that got about 200 or so pageviews a day.  One day I got a little over 400 and I was thrilled.

But I was super frustrated with the turtle-pace growth I was seeing. I had restarted my blog after a few month’s hiatus.  Truth be told, even when I was blogging, it was not consistent and it had no direction.

I started Momma Fit Lyndsey at the same time I started my fitness journey.  I used it as a way to document my fitness journey and my favorite healthy recipes.

Blogging for Money – taking it seriously

When I decided to start taking blogging seriously (around last September) I dove in headfirst.  It took awhile to figure out what would work to grow my mom blog.  And sitting at a few hundred pageviews a day was surely frustrating.

But I figured out what worked for me and I’m hoping it can work for you as well!  There were three things I did to explode my blog traffic by 1000% in six months.  I’m going to share those three things with you, along with two things I did once my traffic increased!

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure for details.

The 3 Things I did to grow my mom blogs traffic

First – Write for my audience, not for me.

When I started blogging, it was all about my fitness journey.  So I would blog about what I was doing and what I was eating.

After I started to buckle down and be more consistent, I started to blog about things I thought people would want to know about in regards to their own journeys.  I started to get some traffic, but nothing astronomical.

Then it all changed – I started to write for my audience.  I started to write about topics that were affecting them.  I researched what was popular in health & fitness and I wrote about that.  Instead of assuming I knew what they wanted, I did the research to figure out exactly what they were searching for.  Then I began to write content about that.

Once I knew what people wanted to see and I focused on key traffic drivers (see below) my traffic started to increase.  And no – it didn’t come from Facebook or Instagram.

Second – Focus on Key Traffic Drivers

Pinterest has been a HUGE traffic driver for me.  Being active on Pinterest helps me to understand what people in my niche were searching for.  Instead of guessing what my readers wanted or blindly following after trends, I was writing content that was within my niche and was trending.

If you are starting your blog, learn Pinterest now.  You can get some quick traffic wins if you focus on creating content that people want to know about and creating some really awesome pins.

Read more about how I use Pinterest to grow my blog!

If you are new to Pinterest and using it for marketing your blog – I recommend three resources that I use/used to help me master Pinterest.

Tools many mom blogs (including me!) use to grow blog traffic

Tailwind helps me to automate my Pinterest activity and analyze what group boards are the most successful.  It also helps to me pin when my readers are online.

Pinterest Ninja was an awesome starting point for me.  It helped me to understand how to use Pinterest to grow my blog and how to create pins that would attract traffic.

Pinteresting Strategies was the second resource that I used that focused on the strategy behind Pinterest.  It’s basically a roadmap on how to use Pinterest effectively.

Getting traffic from Pinterest helps you to get traffic to your blog early while you can work on other long term strategies like SEO.  SEO can take months to begin to take effect.

I decided to first get a solid Pinterest strategy in place that I could then automate and make even more efficient.  Once I got Pinterest down, I focused my time on SEO – the only thing that is likely not to change long-term (unlike social media!)

tips to increase blog traffic using Pinterest to boost your online business and blog

Facebook & Instagram – Not my Blog’s Main Traffic Drivers!

I used to think that Facebook & Instagram were the keys to getting traffic to my blog.  I was wrong.

Facebook is still a very small portion of my blog traffic, but I view these two social media platforms as places to build community.  It’s a place to interact with your loyal followers and to gauge what their needs are.

But let’s think about why people use Facebook and Instagram.  It’s to consume information, not necessarily look for a solution.  People who are looking for a solution go to two places – Pinterest or Google.  People looking to consume scroll through a social media post in 3 seconds.  If you’re looking for a solution, you’ll read a blog post even if it’s 1000 words.

The only way for you to see where your traffic drivers are coming from is by studying your Google Analytics!

Third – Head Down, No Comparing, Do What Works for You

This one can be haaaaarrrrrrd.  I get it.  It’s easy to look at someone else and what they are doing and try to duplicate what they do and expect the same success.

But they are not you, they are different as are their circumstances.  They likely started at a different time than you did, under different conditions, when different things were trending or working.

This blogging journey has to be about you.  What works for me might not work for you.  The more info you can accumulate and put together a plan specifically for you – the better off you’ll be in the long run.

When I stopped trying to duplicate what others were doing I started to see what was working for me.  It helped me to focus on my traffic drivers and growth opportunities that I saw potential in!  It also helped me to figure out what I really wanted to do!

Once my blog traffic increased – here are two things I did to make money and grow my blog!

Make Money with Ads by using Mediavine

My goal last April was to apply to Mediavine.  Mediavine is an ad network that you can apply to once you have 25,000 monthly sessions.  I pushed hard for that traffic and thanks to my steps above I was able to hit that in April.

Mediavine can be huge to start making money on your blog early on in your blogging career!  Ad placement helps you to create residual income which is a reason so many of us start blogging for money!

Switch from Bluehost to Siteground

Switching hosting was something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do.  3 years ago I started with Bluehost and everything was fine.  I was very happy with everything Bluehost had done until my traffic began to grow.

I had been recommended Siteground by so many bloggers who said that if you are choosing hosting to go with them!  Literally everyone told me to switch.

Once Google Analytics showed me that my site speed was slow because of my hosting, I knew it was time to switch!  With more traffic I needed better hosting.

Whether you are growing your blog now or just starting a blog, I recommend to start with Siteground.  My website is so much faster and Siteground’s customer service was a breeze to work with!

Web Hosting

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OK friends, let me hear it!  What are your biggest frustrations with traffic?  What’s working for you?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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