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The Complete Guide to At-Home Beginner Workout for Women

June 18, 2018

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Looking to get started with a fitness routine?

If you’re looking for a postpartum workout or working out at home with kids or baby this beginner workout for women guide will help!

postpartum workout plan

Disclaimer:  The information contained here is for informational purposes only.  This information is not intended to be medical advice and is solely based on my own experience as a beginner trying to lose baby weight.  I am not a a licensed psychologist, nutritionist, physical trainer, or health care professional.  All readers should consult with their healthcare professional before starting any nutrition or exercise program.

Getting started losing weight from home

postpartum weight loss
1 week postpartum
beginner workouts for women
4 years postpartum

My real fitness journey began 3 years ago when I was about a year postpartum.  I had tried a variety of postpartum workouts for the first year.  My goal was to find a beginner workout for women that was doable for a new mom!  What I had been doing was not working.

I went to the gym, hot yoga class, and tried working out from home.  If you have a new baby you know that it can be really hard to get out of the house to get to they gym.  When it becomes stressful, it just doesn’t work!

Read about the specific plan I used to FINALLY drop the baby weight!

What I didn’t realize is that if you have kids at home, no matter what their age, it can be really hard to find a time to workout.  What was missing in my results was consistency.

I needed to find a solution that would help to be able to workout consistently.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time and so losing weight at home would have to be the solution.

This post contains affiliate links, please see disclosure for details.

healthy lifestyle support for moms

My best tips for starting a workout routine

Tip #1 Find an exercise you like

If you hate doing a certain exercise, doing it consistently will be a challenge.  Figure out what kind of exercise you like and do that!

When I started working out after baby I did mostly weighted workouts.  I wasn’t a huge fan of cardio so I usually skipped it.  But after realizing that I needed a mix of both, I added in some cardio!

Tip #2  Find a time that you can be consistent

Your routine will change as time goes on.  As your kids grow and their schedules change, you will need to be flexible to keep your routine going on long-term.

When my girls were babies and not sleeping through the night, working out at nap time was the easiest.  As they grew up, early morning became the most consistent time for me.

Tip #3 You don’t need a ton of equipment to get started

When you’re looking for a beginner workout for women you may get overwhelmed with the amount of choices!  I got started with losing weight at home with a simple HIIT workout I found on Pinterest.  Something similar to this will get you started free of cost!

Download your Free 5 Day Beginner Workout!

full body workout for women

If you are looking to create a simple gym at home, here are a few recommendations for the equipment you’ll need for a full body workout at home!

Tip #4 Find someone to keep you accountable

Is your husband interested in getting fit with you?  Or a friend or neighbor?  When you find someone who can keep you accountable (or better yet join you!) it makes it a lot easier to be successful.

Need fitness support?  Join my free Facebook support group!

Tip #5 Give yourself grace that you will not be perfect, and it will be a journey.

I’ve been on this journey for four years now and that is simply what it is, a journey.  I’ve gained weight and lost weight, gone off the horse and gotten back on.

It’s easy to be fixated with a number on the scale or with a size.  I’ve been there!

I’ve found that staying on top of tracking is SO helpful, especially when I go off course.  I use my FitBit to track my steps, calories, and sleep to see where I’m falling short and what can be improved!

I would encourage you to use your energy and how you feel to be the most important determining factor of your success!

Have grace with yourself that some days will be easier than others.  Sometimes you will go off of your routine, probably for longer than you would like.

Your kids will interrupt your workout, that is OK.

Sometimes you will eat pizza and drink wine, that is OK.

You may gain weight and bloat, that is OK!

Focus on the journey and the small wins.  Are you doing more pushups than last week?

Can you hold the plank for 10 seconds longer?

Are you able to get through all of your reps?

These are things to celebrate!

My favorite upper body workouts for women

Watch the full body workouts for women playlist here!

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Top Postpartum Workout FAQs

Can I get a flat belly after baby?

Truth be told pregnancy changes your body!  You will likely look different.  But you can get back to feeling like yourself and flattening your belly.  Nutrition is very helpful in flattening your belly after baby.

How your pregnancy and labor and delivery were will impact your core strength after baby.  I lost basically all of my core strength after having my girls.  I am four years postpartum and still have loose skin and cellulite on my stomach.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that things look different and that is OK!  We can love what our bodies have given us and still work at becoming strong moms!

I wish I had a resource like this when I was postpartum!  Check out The Postpartum Cure for losing the baby weight while healing and protecting your milk supply!

How can I find time to workout while caring for small kids?

This is completely dependent on your kids schedule!  When my girls were infants and not sleeping through the night I would workout at nap time.

Once my girls got older and started to sleep more consistently I started working out in the morning.  Getting up early was not pleasant but it became the only guaranteed time to workout.

What are the best postpartum workouts?

Figuring out what the best postpartum workouts are completely depends on your own health, pregnancy and labor & delivery.  You should absolutely discuss your own plan with your healthcare professional.

I found the best postpartum workout for me was something quick I could do at home that didn’t take a ton of time.  Read about How I lost the baby weight here!

Can I lose weight working out at home?

Yes, you can lose weight working out at home!  For me, working out at home made me more consistent.  I didn’t have to find a sitter or worry about losing time driving or getting set up at the gym.

Nutrition was a huge factor in my success in losing the baby weight.  Once I had a handle on clean eating and started to watch my portions and fill up on veggies and proteins, the weight started to come off a lot easier.

Are you at the beginning of your fitness journey or have you been working at it for awhile?  I’d love to hear more in the comments!

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