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9 Spring Cleaning Tips Pets Will Love

April 24, 2018

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9 Spring Cleaning Tips Pets Will Love

These nine areas will get your home in pet-friendly spring cleaning condition.  Check out the pet friendly house cleaning checklist for spring!


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Before you hire a cleaning service or go crazy with an overwhelming pet cleaning schedule, check out these 9 Spring Cleaning Tips Pets Will Love that will get your home clean and pet-friendly!  We have two pets, a long-haired cat and a toy fox terrier.  Both animals shed and make their fair share of messes!  Cleaning up after our pets is definitely something that happens more than just during spring cleaning.  But, there are nine pet areas that are super important to focus on while you’re spring cleaning!

We headed to Target to find some things to help our spring cleaning.  Nothing beats a Target run right?  I’m always impressed by the Target store and love shopping there for spring cleaning essentials, or basically anything!

The 9 Spring Cleaning Tips Pets will love includes these areas:

  1. Litter Pan
  2. Food Bowls
  3. Water Bowls
  4. Crates
  5. Carriers
  6. Bedding
  7. Toys
  8. Proper identification & licenses
  9. Up to date on vet appointments

Area #1:  Litter Pan

Let’s face it, litter pans can get a little unkempt after awhile.  Cleaning them on a regular basis is always a good idea but replacing them yearly is also worth considering!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Pets

When I was looking to freshen up our litter area, I found that a new litter pan from Target was a low-priced refresh that helped to make things feel clean.  I also wanted to find a litter that was unscented. I found New TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter with activated charcoal at Target and I loved that it was free of added fragrances and dyes!  Our family is very sensitive to fragrances so the fact that TIDY CATS Free and Clean is unscented and blocks ammonia odor for 2 weeks with TidyLock® was a huge bonus!  I also loved that it keeps weekly cleaning easy with strong clumps for easy cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips Pets

Try the new TIDY CATS Free and Clean litter at Target!  If you stop in to Target from 4/22 to 4/28 you can purchase one Tidy Cat product and get one 50% off.

tidy cats litter unscented

Area #2:  Food Bowls

It’s a good idea to wash out food bowls on a weekly basis.  Our furry friends are not nearly as clean as we are!  Food bowls can do a weekly clean but it’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for any cracks or wearing on the bowls.  Replacing plastic food bowls every year is worth considering!

Area #3: Water Bowls

Similar to food bowls, I’ve noticed that our pet water bowls can get filmy and pretty gross without weekly washing.  To keep our pets healthy, it’s a good idea to frequently wash and refresh water bowls.  We purchased ceramic bowls are few years ago which cuts down on having to replace them as frequently.

Area #4: Crates

If your pets are crate trained, crates are another area to focus on for pet spring cleaning.  Pet crates can become littered with excess hair.  It’s a good idea to wash and dry the crate thoroughly to ensure proper cleanliness.

Area #5:  Carriers

Carriers are another area of the pet cleaning checklist that need some special attention.  Likely pet carriers are only used on an infrequent basis so it’s a good idea to take them out and inspect them for any areas of wear and tear.  A good cleaning will ensure that they are ready to go for your next trip.

Area #6:  Bedding

I know that when we wash our dog’s blankets, he is not too thrilled that his favorite dog scents are gone.  But, at least we know he is sleeping and laying on clean bedding and that is a spring cleaning tip

Area #7:  Toys

Toys can get damaged or dirty during the year.  It’s a good idea to frequently wash pet toys, especially those made out of cloth.  Refer to the tag for washing instructions and consider replacing as necessary.

Area #8:  Identification and Licenses

One area of pet spring cleaning is being up to date on identification and licenses!  We have a file of all of our pet records to ensure that we are up to date on everything the pets need regarding their licenses.

Area #9:  Vet Appointments

Similar to identification and licenses, vet appointments are something that should happen on an annual basis.  This is a great way to make sure that our pets are healthy and are up to date on their shots and other medications.

pet cleaning checklist

Is your pet ready for spring?  What is the hardest area in your home for pet cleaning?




  • Mandy

    March 13, 2019 at 9:27 am

    Here’s one deep cleaning your pets will definitely NOT appreciate: professional carpet cleaning. It was days after that fiend in human form was here with the vacuum cleaner of death before our two cats stopped slinking around three inches tall. Poor sweeties; I wish animals spoke English so you could explain things and reassure them.

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