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10 Quick Bloating Remedies to Lose Weight Naturally

November 27, 2017

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These 10 bloating remedies will give you bloating relief quickly and naturally!

Bloating remedies are something you might just be in need of after Thanksgiving.  I know for us, we eat TWO full meals so its pretty much standard that a little de-bloating is needed.  Anytime I go on vacation or overindulge on a holiday, these 10 steps help to get me back in the swing of things and kill the bloat within a few days!

quick bloating remedies

In addition to these 10 bloating remedies, you can also refer to this guide on how to avoid holiday weight gain!

healthy food to reduce bloat

10 Ways to beat Post-Holiday Bloat

Tip 1:  Increase veggies and proteins! 

This is kind of obvious, but when you are going from eating one too many holiday desserts to eating healthier it can be hard!  Focus on getting enough servings of veggies and proteins during the day.  This will help you to make healthier food choices throughout the day.

Tip 2:  No eating after dinner! 

Avoiding bedtime snacks can help to eliminate bloat and weight gain.

Tip 3:  Ditch the alcohol! 

With all of the sneaky sugar and calories in alcoholic drinks, skipping these will speed up your de-bloating process.

Tip 4:  Skip processed foods! 

Processed foods can be full of additives, sugars, and chemicals that hinder our progress.

Tip 5:  Drink more water!

Water helps our bodies to flush out the toxins of our less than stellar food choices.

Tip 6:  Choose whole grains! 

Grains can be a trigger food for bloating. But if you are going to incorporate grains, opt for whole-grain or even gluten-free grains like quinoa!

Tip 7: Avoid sugar! 

If you can reduce your sugar intake, the effect of making healthier food choices is amazing!  By lowering your sugar just a bit you will be able to lessen junk food cravings and help to make better food choices.

Tip 8:  Exercise! 

Exercising for 30 minutes per day does wonders for bloating.  When you pair exercise with healthy eating you are more likely to stick to your new routine.  Why put in all of that effort, just to undo it with poor food choices?

Tip 9:  Find an accountability partner.

Sometimes getting into a healthier routine is easier when you have someone doing it with you!  Ask a friend or relative to be your accountability partner.  Knowing you have someone relying on you to show up makes it easier for you to stay consistent.

how to stop bloating

Patience is key!

Tip 10:  Be patient! – the bloat will go down! 

Following these few healthy tips will help you to lose some holiday bloat in just a few days.

Making clean eating choices more often than not will help with weight loss!  I like to shop at Aldi and Walmart to find organic and clean eating foods that help to support my health & fitness journey.  By eating clean, I’ve been able to keep off 50 pounds since having my youngest daughter 4 years ago!  Clean eating is definitely a long-term solution for health and weight loss.

Additional Resources for bloating remedies!

I’m all about natural bloating remedies for weight loss!  Everyday Health has some great suggestions for herbs and other natural bloating remedies.  And, if you still need help in getting back in the swing of things after holiday, vacation, or you just need some support, join our Facebook support group!

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  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    November 27, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Great tips to keep in the back of your head!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:36 am

      I agree! thanks for reading!

  • AmberLynn

    November 27, 2017 at 8:26 am

    I needed this post. I will be going to Israel right after Christmas, which means a lot of pictures. Bloating in pictures to memorialize being in another place is not my idea of cute pictures. This post will definitely come in handy. I eat the most around Christmas, even more than Thanksgiving.


      November 29, 2017 at 8:35 am

      I feel the same way because the Christmas season lasts longer! more treats to indulge in 🙂 Israel sounds amazing, have a great time!

  • Gail M Akeman

    November 27, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Good tips to follow for the holidays. Thanks


      November 29, 2017 at 8:34 am

      you’re welcome! thanks for reading!

  • Sarah Althouse

    November 27, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Avoiding sugar is my biggest trick – but hard to do around the holidays!! Sugar seriously takes a toll on my gut though.


      November 29, 2017 at 8:34 am

      its so hard to do!! the treats are everywhere but I agree its so hard on the gut!

  • Kiarna Jayne

    November 27, 2017 at 10:29 am

    I hate feeling bloated! I especially become bloated after eating carbs so I will definitely look into getting some whole grains!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:34 am

      yes! carbs do it for me too! I try to avoid them (the processed kind) unless its a splurge!

  • Meg

    November 27, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Isn’t it funny how all these tips are so basic and common sense, and yet so many of us forget to do them (or choose not to because that bowl of ice cream after the kids go to bed is better than therapy)? Thanks for the reminder!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:33 am

      hahaha well ice cream is cheaper than therapy LOL!

  • ashley peavey

    November 28, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Yes to all of this! I needed these tips today. We have been eating out too much lately!`


      November 29, 2017 at 8:33 am

      I am with you! I get so lazy this time of year and want to eat out way too much!

  • ivana

    November 28, 2017 at 6:01 am

    I have problem with bloating lately, and really nothing could not help me, but this list is something i should look at next time, hope it will work xo


      November 29, 2017 at 8:33 am

      you could have a food intolerance! have you ever done anything like whole30?

  • Kim

    November 28, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Great tips, I have been loading up on the gym time and water, but it is so hard to stay away from sugar. Didn’t realize it was in everything.


      November 29, 2017 at 8:32 am

      sugar is in everything!! its insane!

  • Aditi Wardhan Singh

    November 28, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Awesome reminders. Thank you !


      November 29, 2017 at 8:32 am

      you’re welcome! thanks for reading!

  • Katherine

    November 28, 2017 at 10:56 am

    I feel like I bloat so much more than I used to… must be getting old, lol!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:32 am

      I’m the same way!! I think its all the stretching from having kids haha!

  • Tamara

    November 28, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Such good tips this is something I’ve been thinking this holiday season


      November 29, 2017 at 8:09 am

      oh good!! I hope this helps you!

  • Arune Vasylenko

    November 28, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Such great tips! It’s always so easy to forget to drink water when it cools down, so thanks for the reminder!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:09 am

      I try to drink a big glass as soon as I get up and that really helps!

  • Melissa

    November 28, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Great tips! Ive got a few of them down pat, like drinking water! Its those pesky winter treats that are causing the bloat!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:08 am

      the winter treats are killer!!!! I hate not having a few though 😉

  • Jolene

    November 28, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    These are great tips! I am one person who used to bloat really badly. So bad that I can look pregnant when I am actually not… But ever since I cut down carbs, sugar and increase my water intake and exercised regularly, it has improved significantly. I used to think that drinking so much water is just gonna bloat my belly even more but it is so important to do so and let your body flush out the toxins…


      November 29, 2017 at 8:08 am

      it sounds like you have a really great plan already! but you are right about water, its so important to flush out the toxins!

  • Belle

    November 28, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    I need this so much! Will try these!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma


      November 29, 2017 at 7:47 am

      hope they help! thanks for reading!

  • Lesley

    November 28, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Love these tips! The sugars from the leftover Halloween candy is still tempting me each night at our house! I need to get rid of it!!!


      November 29, 2017 at 7:46 am

      maybe throw it in the freezer? I always forget about stuff in the freezer LOL

  • April@LoveOurRealLife

    November 28, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Ugh…great tips to help us enjoy the holidays without the unwanted bloating!


      November 29, 2017 at 7:46 am

      I agree!! bloating is no fun!

  • Adree | The Keele Deal

    November 28, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Great tips. I always need to work on drinking more water.


      November 29, 2017 at 7:45 am

      water is so helpful!! thanks for reading!

  • Nicole Flower

    November 28, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    This is such a good reminder, thank you! I need to stop snacking late at night, a bad habit my hubby and I have got into after our girls go to bed!


      November 29, 2017 at 7:45 am

      that time is so hard!!!! I’m totally there with you!

  • Kristeena

    November 29, 2017 at 8:10 am

    I have needed to read a post giving these tips! Anytime of year is a good time to get fit and think about your health!


      November 29, 2017 at 8:36 am

      I agree!!! thanks for reading!

  • Karen

    November 29, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Thank you for these tips! They are definitely much needed during these holiday seasons!


      December 14, 2017 at 7:06 am

      glad they can help!

  • Tatiana Green of Good Luck Mommy

    December 2, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks for writing this because I had no idea that eating certain grains could cause bloating. I experience this a lot. Most women do. But these are great tips to help alleviate something that’s so uncomfortable.


      December 14, 2017 at 7:07 am

      yep its kind of insane how food affects your digestion!!

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    December 16, 2017 at 8:15 am

    yes to water! water consumption solves a lot of problems!


      December 19, 2017 at 1:49 pm

      it always helps me feel better!

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