21 Day Fix Crock pot meals {Chicken Tacos}

Pin1KShare69Tweet1K Shares 21 Day Fix Crock Pot Meals Chicken Tacos! Is there anything better than Mexican food in a crock pot?  YES, Mexican food, in a crock pot, that is Fix approved! 21 Day Fix crock pot meals are by far one of my faves and oh yeah this one is so delicious!  First, I knew this had to be a dump recipe.  As in dump whatever ingredients I can find in my fridge and pantry into a crockpot and walk away!  Seriously that is the easiest thing ever! Get my crockpot! {THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS, SEE DISCLOSURE FOR DETAILS.} So here is what I found! ~Corn, onion, and cilantro from our CSA ~Diced tomatoes and a jar of salsa ~Chicken breast (obviously) ~21 day fix smoky southwest seasoning I put all of these delicious ingredients into my crockpot and then I set it for 8 hours on low.  Here is what came out.  Amazing deliciousness!!  I used Trader Joe’s low carb tortillas and topped each with 1/2 blue container of lite shredded cheese.  Seriously easy, seriously delicious. 21 Day Fix Approved Crockpot Chicken Tacos INGREDIENTS ~two ears fresh corn, cut from cob ~one onion, diced ~large bunch of cilantro, chopped ~one 16 oz can diced tomatoes ~one jar salsa ~4 chicken breasts ~2 TB 21 Day Fix Smoky Southwest seasoning (add more or less to taste) ~tortillas ~lite cheddar cheese ~greek yogurt DIRECTIONS Combine all ingredients in crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Remove chicken and shred in a separate bowl.  Spoon in salsa mixture and mix to desired amount of salsa/chicken.  Spoon into tortillas and top with lite cheddar cheese and greek yogurt.  Enjoy! Have you joined my Intentional 2018 Facebook group yet? FREE 2018 Health Planner Get the FREE 2018 Simple Health Planner plus healthy living tips! Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Subscribe We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.