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21 Day Fix Aldi Shopping Cart

June 23, 2015

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21 day fix aldi

My 21 Day Fix Aldi Shopping List!

The best 21 Day Fix Food List to help you find Healthy and Clean Food at a Reasonable Price

21 day fix aldi shopping the best shopping list of what to buy at aldi grocery store for clean eating meal plan, 21 day fix, ketogenic diet. This list will help families on a budget eat healthy!

21 day fix aldi shopping list

Have you ever read the “what’s in my bag” article?   I can’t remember if its People or Us Weekly but I know it was nothing too educational 😉  You know where celebrities will spill their purse and let you know what’s all in it?  This is not nearly as interesting but it will be much better for us in the long run!

Here is a sneak peek of what’s in my cart!  I’m on a mission, a food budget mission.  Our food budget used to consume SO much of our budget.  I realized that I needed to start finding more affordable options.  But I didn’t want to sacrifice eating mainly organic and all natural food.  So where do I find good food at a good price?

Update:  this 21 Day Fix grocery list for Aldi will also work for 80 Day Obsession!  I’m going to be starting 80 Day Obsession soon and am going to be using a lot of these items!  If you’re looking for

healthy lifestyle support for moms

My Favorite Places to Shop for Groceries on a Budget

My favorite places to shop are Trader Joes, Target, Costco, Aldi, Whole Foods, Walmart and farmers markets. I’ve gone through seasons of life and season of the year when different routines make sense.  One long-standing favorite has been Aldi.

What is Aldi?  Aldi is actually a world-wide grocery chain best known for its value.  The reason why Aldi is price reasonably is because they sell mostly private label items.  This includes their own private label organic line.  You can also find grass fed and organic meat as well as organic dairy, produce, and vegetables.  It’s true, there are no bells and whistles with Aldi.

But if you’re on a budget and short on time, do you really need all of that?  I’ve been quite pleased with Aldi’s quality and the price can’t be beat.  So if you’re looking to eat healthier and support diets like the 21 Day Fix, Paleo, or Whole30, Aldi can be your match!

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21 Day Fix Aldi Shopping List

Here is a list of some of my favorite 21 Day Fix, organic and clean eating food items from Aldi.  Grab your 21 Day Fix food containers and let’s get working on that 21 Day Fix eating plan at Aldi!  Here are a few things I picked up that are healthy favorites for Aldi.

Raw Broccoli
Unsalted peanuts
100 calorie unsalted raw almond packs
Red Grapes
Organic Strawberries
All natural spinach and feta sausage
All natural vanilla and plain greek yogurt
Earthbound Farms Organic Apples
All natural veggie burgers
Sweet potatoes
Organic agave nectar
Organic baby carrots
Organic apple juice, cheddar cheese, orange juice, Organic milk, whole grain waffles, String Cheese, organic berry applesauce, and organic fruit blend pouches for the kiddos

Need a one stop shop solution?  Check out this post about organic groceries at Walmart

21 Day Fix Meal Plan at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is another favorite of mine when looking for healthy and 21 Day Fix approved items.  What makes Trader Joe’s so unique is their endless supply of pre-made and frozen food that is good for you.  You still have to read some labels and check for ingredients, but all in all, there is a lot of great food at an awesome value when you shop at Trader Joe’s.

trader joe's 21 day fix shopping listTrader Joe’s 21 Day Fix Shopping List

These are just a few of my favorite Trader Joe’s items.  Some of their specialty items (like their frozen, pre-made cauliflower crust pizza) I buy in bulk!

Low carb whole wheat tortillas
Mediteranean hummus
Bagged spinach
Bagged spring mix
Broccoli slaw
Roma tomatoes
Coffee creamer
Unsweetened iced tea (they were out of this for over a week so I obviously stocked up when I saw it back!)
Toaster pastries (aka “healthy” pop tarts), yogurt tubes and cups for the kiddos

Want to try the 21 Day Fix for yourself?  Check it out!

21 Day Fix review and results

Have you found any favorite organic items at Aldi or Trader Joe’s?  Where do you find the best deals for your food?  Tell me in the comments!

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  • Christy Duncan

    March 9, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    Feta Sausage!? I must know more. Please share what this is and what you use it for? I love Aldi, Costco, and Target. Those three are my main shopping places. I will use WalMart Neighborhood Market if I can’t find what I need at Target and Aldi. Costco is a once every month or two shopping destination due to the distance of it from my house. I have never been able to find ‘natural’ cheese at Aldi unless it is the gourmet cheeses and the budget doesn’t always allow for those treats.

    Thanks so much for trying to help us live better, healthier lives!


      March 12, 2018 at 3:06 pm

      Yes! It’s part of their Never any line. You can find it near the lunchmeat and cheese! I actually try to skip cheese if I can, even though its hard because it’s so good! Thanks so much for checking the post out, let me know what else you’d like to see here!

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