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In order to support and grow this blog, I may receive monetary or other compensation for my recommendation, endorsement, and/or links from my blog.  The site may contain links to websites to conveniently find these products that I have deemed proper for my endorsement.  Momma Fit Lyndsey does not endorse any information coming from these sites.  Momma Fit Lyndsey does not assume responsibility or liability from any products or content related to these sites.  You enter and use these sites at your own risk and should review each sites conditions for use and privacy statements.

I occasionally post affiliate links for products that I personally use or recommend.  The links are provided for your convenience.  All products endorsed on my blog are those that I believe in and personally use myself.  Purchasing products through my affiliate links enables me to support and grow this blog.

I will disclose if a post is sponsored and assure you that the opinions in the post are my own.


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