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Taking Stock – January

Well since its January 9th I suppose its about time for Taking Stock right?

So here’s what I’m taking stock of…

Making:  a shelf to hold all of my new essential oils!  I’m a newbie but am learning thanks to my friend Tiffany
Cooking: Anything and everything healthy and full of nutrients!!  Its all about eating the best foods I possibly can this year and I was inspired by my friend Erin to ditch the grains.  So (I haven’t posted this on social media because I’m chicken LOL) but I’ve resisted grains (except for a cookie and a few tortilla chips) since January 2nd.  I don’t really miss them.  But my birthday is coming up so expect a derail for some Prantl’s burnt almond torte!
Drinking:  Lemon water from my new Yeti, Lacroix berry, and of course Shakeology!
Reading:  The Go Giver Leader, The Circle Maker, Uninvited and soon Made to Crave (I’m rather unconventional in that I read a little bit of each book per day or so) Plus I’m in two bible studies so that ups my homework 🙂  My goal is to read 24 books this year!
Listening:  Dave Ramsey podcasts
Wanting:  To stay focused on my goals!
Watching:  Not much of anything actually!  Wait, definitely making time for Nashville that its on CMT!
Playing:  Anything indoors… is it spring yet??
Wishing:  I could fast forward my goals… God’s timing not mine
Enjoying:  The de-cluttering process that comes with post-holiday cleanups
Waiting:  For once, somewhat patiently!
Wondering:  What will this year bring?
Loving:  The new beginnings that a new year brings.  Love fresh goals and fresh pages!
Hoping:  To continue to pray circles around my biggest goals.  Improved prayer life is one of my most important goals for the year.
Needing:  Not much… focusing on the blessings around me.  Really striving to be content and grateful during the season of pushing hard for bigger things!
Wearing:  Still warm things!!  its so cold here!
Thinking:  It might be time to refresh our kitchen (see my FB page for the discussion)
Noticing:  All of the new goals being set for the new year!  So many people excited about a new year and getting healthy!
Knowing:  Big things are coming.  Trusting in the Lord to lead my path and be my lighthouse.
Feeling:  Hopeful.

2017.  Bring it.

Taking Stock - January

Taking Stock | December 2016

Taking Stock December 2016

Its the last month of the year so this *might* be a bit of a reflective Taking Stock.  Here goes nothing!

Making:  Time during the fleeting moments of the holidays
Cooking: Recipes from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen’s new cookbook
Drinking:  Hot apple cider, Peach Tranquility Teavana tea, water
Reading:  The Good Life and Shaken
Listening:  Anything preached by Levi Lusko
Wanting:  To savor the memories of life with two littles
Watching:  Holiday Baking Championship
Playing:  Anything involving crafts with my girls
Wishing:  There was some way to magically make my to-do list disappear
Enjoying:  Pinterest holiday crafts with my little ladies
Waiting:  Patiently for the holiday season
Wondering:  Should I do another Whole30 in January?
Loving:  The connection and friendship found in complete strangers
Hoping:  To impact the lives of others in a positive manner
Needing:  A more structured work schedule (I’m working on that!)
Wearing:  Leggings, boots, anything warm!
Thinking:  My 2017 will be a lot different than my 2016
Noticing:  Time exponentially grows when I take the time to slow down
Knowing:  A new year is coming, fresh starts and fresh goals make me happy
Feeling:  The need for change in 2017

taking stock decemberWhat are you taking stock of during this last month of 2017?

The Perfect Christmas Card and Why It Won’t Be Happening

The Perfect Christmas Card and Why It Won’t Be Happening

Its that time of the year.  The time when we are all tempted to create the perfect memories, the perfect holiday.  We rush around from Santa, to Christmas party, to sleigh ride, to Christmas festival, and before we know it, the magic we envisioned for this season is lost.  We are stressed, exhausted, and counting the days til we can take down our Christmas decorations and return to life as normal.  Sound familiar?

Season rushing has really been on my mind this year.  Life seems to be moving faster and faster and I was more than a little irritated that I found Christmas decorations in Costco on October 7th.  Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays!  As a christian, I long for this season to remind myself of the amazing gift we received in Jesus.  But in years past I’ve found myself trying to just do too much, which didn’t just take Christ out of Christmas, but it takes a lot of the joy out of the season in general.

So instead of rushing to making Christmas magic, I’m going to mindfully enjoy each season as it comes.

Being Mindful in a season of crazy

Being a wedding photographer, the perfect Christmas card was always a top priority.  We had to have a professional session, and order the cutest card on the nicest paper.  Somewhere between Christmas cards, rushing around, and the craziness that is life, I just stopped caring this year.  I actually considered not sending cards at all!  But after reconsidering that I really do enjoy getting Christmas cards too, I decided that taking my girls to a local mall photo studio and getting a quick Christmas card printed would be just find.  Is it Pinterest worthy?  Some may say no.  Is it printed on the nicest paper?  Definitely not.  But none of that matters.  What matters is the fact that a beautiful photo was captured of my girls at a very precious age.  It also is a staunch reminder that I need to MINDFULLY slow down.  Our kids are growing faster than I can type and soon all of this will be a memory.  But this year, I choose to impart margin into our holiday, making time for the stuff that really matters.  It may be simple, but isn’t that what Jesus is all about?  Instead of remembering a flurry of stress brought on by finding the perfect Christmas outfits or baking 12 dozen Christmas cookies, we are going to focus on the real magic making, simplicity and being together.

Oh, and for the perfect Christmas card?  I think this one is pretty much spot on 🙂

the perfect christmas card

Are you living in this season too?  What ways are you trying to intentionally be more mindful and present?  How do you choose to slow down?  Comment below!

Taking Stock | November 2016

Taking Stock | November 2016

Last year my friend Alison started a new blog series that I absolutely adored!  She titled it Taking Stock.  It was a really great way to center her thoughts and I thought, what a great way to center yourself and really see where my mind is focused!  And I’m sensing a few recurring themes here.

Making:  Protein power balls this week, yum!
Cooking:  Anything that is quick and in the crockpot
Drinking:  Water with Lemon, Zen, Starbucks Black Iced tea.
Reading:  Grace, Not Perfection and Everyday a Friday
Listening:  Adam Hamilton “The Good Life” sermons
Wanting:  For life to slow down
Looking:  for Christmas gifts that my nieces and nephews will like!
Playing:  Elena of Avalor with my girls
Wishing:  For more time
Enjoying:  Getting started on a new workout program!
Waiting:  For our anniversary trip in 2 weeks!
Wondering:  If I’ll ever get my to do list done (the answer is no 🙂 )
Loving:  Being out of the diapers phase, can I get an amen??
Hoping:  For direction and clarity in future goal setting
Needing:  A bit more sleep.
Wearing:  Cute finds from my fave shop that is closing.  Flip flops on November 1!
Thinking:  Is it the weekend yet?
Noticing:  Fall seems to be sticking around for a little.
Knowing:  He is in control.  I am not.
Feeling:  Tired yet grateful.

taking stock novemberI love this little series as a monthly check-in.  What are you taking stock of this month?  Noticing any recurring themes?

Weekend Recap – the last of the Fall Frenzy

Mom Blog Weekend Recap – The Last of the Fall Frenzy

Date Night!

Friday night was a long-awaited date night!  One of my goals for the year was to have more date nights and we aim for monthly.  Healthy eating is not considered on date night (sorry all!)  We actually decided to hit up a hibachi restaurant and it was BEYOND yummy!  Its so nice to enjoy one on one time.  I would highly recommend monthly date nights with the hubs!  Do what you have to do and don’t feel guilty about it!  Even if that means hiring a babysitter, a few hours kid-less is worth it!

mom blog weekend recap
I try to be so sly in my selfie-taking 🙂

Healthy Halloween Treat for Kids

I was on the hook for snacks for the Kindergarten party! I knew it had to be relatively healthy, and luckily our class doesn’t have any allergies so I was able to do cute cheese ghosts and mandarin orange pumpkins!

healthy halloween treat for kids
Halloween treats are ready!

And of course, last night was Halloween!  We had a beautiful evening for Elena and our little kitty to enjoy some fun with friends!

My two Halloween cuties

How was your Halloween?  Are you completely overloaded with candy like me?