Fit Pregnancy Tips | Guest Post from Fit Foodie Mom Life

Fit Pregnancy Tips | Guest Post from Fit Foodie Mom Life

Why Pregnancy is not the Time to Make Excuses

We all know maintaining an exercise program and/or routine is huge and greatly affects the body. Working out clears the brain, enhances the body’s performance, and increases an individual’s self-confidence. If all this is true, then why don’t more people workout?

It’s simple.

Time and habit. And so life gets in the way, we lose track, and eventually it becomes weeks, months, and years since that last workout. Backaches, knee problems, hip issues, and neck pain seem to settle in and for many, that becomes the norm.

Hold the phone. This does not have to be the case. I am a huge advocate for pushing the body, maintaining a daily exercise regimen, and fighting for you goals. The body will go as far as the mind is determined. Don’t limit yourself.

I have always been a fitness kind of girl. But I grew up in that kind of environment so it comes easy and natural for me. I am now a mother and my second child is due next month. Many would say that I have every excuse in the book to give up my workout routine because (1. I am a busy momma and (2. my body is already working twice as hard by creating a human being.

So what. I’m pregnant. That only means my body is a temporary home for my child. My child doesn’t hinder my abilities to continue working out. My child also doesn’t stop me from continuing a healthy lifestyle.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I still squat, do pushups, lift weights, perform moderate cardio, and feed my body with healthy nutrients.

Pregnancy is not a handicap. Exercising during this time of your life is crazy important because your body is already undergoing a great deal of change. If you’ve been pregnant at least once then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s so easy to become frustrated with yourself because of the rapid weight gain, the exhaustion, and food cravings. You almost feel as if you have no control over your body.

Moms and moms to be, this is why I strongly encourage you to either keep up your workout routine throughout pregnancy or begin one. Besides feeling like you’ve lost your body completely, exercising during pregnancy aids with common aches and pains and can also help relieve nausea. I found this to be true for both of my pregnancies. Whenever I feel my back give out I do a moderate workout and cool down with 10-20 minutes of prenatal yoga.

Keeping up with a regular exercise routine will also slow down the weight gain. Exercise will tone the muscles, as well as promote strength and endurance, all super important for labor and delivery. And as for the number one motivation (at least for me), regular activity will make it easier for you to jump back after pregnancy. I experienced this with my son. Because who doesn’t want to fit right back into their jeans as soon as possible?!

Of course I want you to listen to your body and I do this every single day. Some days I feel up for jump squats and other days I modify the move. Pregnancy isn’t the time to lose weight or cause injuries just to reach your goals from pre-pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful season of life. Keeping up with a moderate exercise regimen 4-5 times a week will improve your overall health and help you jump right back into pre-pregnancy mode.

A few exercises I do on a weekly basis are squats, lunges, upper body exercises (i.e. shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, back rows), calf raises and my abdominals. I work from the obliques and not the front abs directly as that could injure you more than any good. The goal is to maintain your fitness level and not overexert to make a point. A guideline that I have followed throughout this entire pregnancy is if I can carry a normal conversation during my exercise routine, then I am in the safe zone with my heart rate.

Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both you and your baby. Besides maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you are also doing something for you—super important. Make time for you because you are worth it and pregnancy is and should be a special time of your life feeling vibrant and beautiful.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa is a crazy active mom to an 18 month old and soon baby #2. When she’s not blogging she loves to spend time with her family, workout, relax on the beach, and drink weird organic fermented juices.

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Behind the Feed

Behind the Feed

I’m blessed to be a part of an amazing blogging group called Naptime Nation.  We are a collection of mommy bloggers from all different industries who share a mutual love of blogging.  Its been an awesome community to be a part of!  One of our fellow contributors, Alexie from AlwaysAlexie started a #behind the feed movement and I’m excited to be a part of it

What is #behindthefeed?

So I’m sure you’re super familiar with the gorgeously curated, perfectly detailed, and color coordinated photos you see on a lot of Instagram pages right?  You’ve heard of mommy wars and I hate to think that these perfectly staged and designed photos are a root cause.  Truthfully, none of us have our poop together and most of us clear a tiny little space to stage a gorgeous shot.  Others of us are just positive people and would rather show photos of our kids in cute outfits smiling rather than a shot of poop smeared on the side of the crib (yes this was shared in our blogging group 🙂 ) because the hubs forgot to put a diaper on the baby.  Why not celebrate the happy things in life?  When we can look at these beautiful images and smiling faces and see our lives in rose-colored glasses?

As happy as that does make me, it does propel a certain push towards perfection that no mama can attain and the push to get their will darn near kill us.  Friends, its TOTALLY not worth it.

For me, I really try to show my struggle AND my highlights.  At least I’d like to think to.  Why?  Because being in the fitness and nutrition community, there is NO perfect.  The beauty is in the fail.  The strength is in the journey.  There is no end game.  I will never have perfect abs, a perfect body, eat perfectly, its just not going to happen.  I may not follow a program according to the experts or follow the rules 100% but THAT IS OK.  We are human.  Our lives behind the feed are so much more real and relatable.  Here’s to putting down our microscopes of perfection and living in the grace of God’s desire for us to as Lara Casey so eloquently put it, stop chasing perfect.

Here is a little backdrop into our images behind the feed… a toddler who really only wants to eat milk (and the occasional slice of pizza, what working out with kids really looks like, what a “mom purse” consists of, what a mom hair do looks like, and what a “mom bod” consists of (lots of extra loose skin around the abdomen))


People Pleasers are Dream Chasers

Whoa.  How is that for a title… I’m a HUGE fan of Chalene Johnson and listen to her podcasts religiously.  When she said this in a recent podcast it was totally headspinning for me.  People pleasers are dream chasers.

People Pleasers are Dream Chasers – Was this me?

Um. yep.  Totally.  Like for YEARS.  Once a people pleaser, always a people pleaser.  Until you’re not anymore.  How does one realistically change a behavior that is SO innate to them?  Well for one thing, a major life change.  You see my daughter turns 5 this week.  Somehow I blinked and I have an almost kindergartner.  I wish I knew how and why life moves so fast.

She saved me.

The birth of my oldest almost 5 years ago changed my life.  Well hello, I was a parent so of course it did.  But it like REALLY changed me.  You see for almost 6 years before her birth I had worked in an industry that I placed myself in as result of people pleasing.  A nice comfortable job, in an office, working my way up the corporate ladder.  That was safe.  That was comfortable. Consistent.  It had been placed on my heart long before to step outside of the four walls of my cubicle but without anything really pushing me to do it, I buried this dream way down deep.  And outwardly I became OK with it.  I told my boss when I was leaving for maternity leave, “I’ll be back, I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mom.”  Fast forward twelve weeks post birth when I was sobbing at the THOUGHT of going back to a job that I didn’t love.  How could I leave this little human that I loved SO much and return to a place where I knew my heart wasn’t there.  So with a step in faith (and of course an amazingly supportive hubby) I took the leap and started my own business.  Did this please people.  Um, no.  It even went as far as unidentified sources sending me hateful emails about me changing the course of my life’s direction.  Yep, that happened.  But guess what, I DON’T CARE.  The birth of my daughter set into motion a complete life change.  One where I make decisions based on what works for OUR FAMILY, not based on the satisfaction or expectation of others.  You CANNOT live your life for someone else.  We get one life, that is all.  You need to live for YOU.  If that means you quit your job to sell handmade blankets on Etsy, do it.  If that means starting a blog to connect with people like you, do it.  If that means starting a business that other people consider to be a fad or a scheme, do your research, believe in the product and DO IT.  My daughter saved and totally changed the course of my life.  She freed my spirit to run free.  She let open my heart, put aside my fear, and stop chasing my dream and actually make it happen.

Do let me preface (or postface I guess!) this by saying that my leap did not come without sacrifice.  There is financial, emotional, physical, and 100+ other forms of sacrifice that happen when you start a business.  But to me, the sacrifice was worth it.  I would rather live like no one else now, so I can live like no one else later.  Thanks Dave Ramsey for that one 🙂

My faith, reborn.

Her birth also brought me back to the place I always knew I needed to be, with Jesus.  You see, I’ve been a believer my whole life.  But my personal walk did not REALLy start until after she was born.  I was a faithful church go-er for years before she was born but when I had her and realized what it was like to have a child and thought of the sacrifice that was made for ME (John 3:16) It took my BREATH away.  The first Easter I experienced after her birth brought a whole new light.  On top of reclaiming my life with Christ, I also realized that I needed to become more like Him to be an example for her!  My time in corporate America brought out a side and tendencies in me that I did not like and I would hardly call them Christ-like.  Stress, short-temperedness, jealousy, judgement… just a few things that were a daily occurrence.  How could I parent like this?  How could I show her the love that Christ demonstrated for us, when I had these things in my life?

So when I say she saved me, she truly did.  In more ways than one.  No more chasing dreams.  Dreams are happening.  And I will be forever grateful that God chose me to be her mom.people pleasers are dream chaserswomen's christian blogchristian women's blog

Photos courtesy of the amazing Little Bird Photography 

Mommy Moments | Brave on you Crazy Dreamer

Totally personal post here.  It has to do with the dreams for my life.  My dream from the moment I became a mama was to be present for the little moments like these.  Being present for the moments of playing dolls, puzzles and games in the middle of the afternoon.  Isn’t it crazy how often we put our dreams aside? I used to be so guilty of this. Knowing my heart wanted more but letting fear convince me to tuck my dreams away into a spot that they would stay in.  Comfortable was better.  Comfortable was safe.  Comfortable was predictable.  And quite frankly I didn’t have any reason to push myself to dream bigger.

But after I had my oldest daughter something in me changed.  Being away from her to do a job that didn’t leave me fulfilled was just not something I wanted to do anymore.  There is something to be said about having a purpose and feeling like you are really making a difference.  It was incongruent for me to be leaving someone I so desperately loved to do something I didn’t even like.  God put it on my heart to dream bigger.  My daughter gave me the reason to put my dreams into action.

So to all you mamas out there who dream of being home with your children, I know how you feel.  It’s SO unfair that women are oftentimes forced to choose between success and family.  Imagine an opportunity that allows both.  Would you be willing to push fear aside to try something different?  Something that may seem out of your comfort zone?  Are you looking for something more? Maybe time for yourself, freedom, or the ability to call the shots in your own business.  Whatever your dreams are, I would love to chat about how health and fitness coaching can help you achieve the family and financial goals you may be dreaming about.  Feel free to shoot me a message or an email at and let’s chat.  And in the meantime, “brave on you crazy dreamer”

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