Stitch Fix fall winter outfits 2017

Stitch Fix fall winter outfits 2017

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If you follow me on social media you know that my big question on my Instagram and Facebook pages last week was all about what to wear for the holidays!  Truthfully I am not a fashion expert so having a service like Stitch Fix that helps you to style your outfits works for me!  My stylist Megan was really helpful and listened to what I wanted to try which was dresses for Christmas!  Speaking of Christmas, a Stitch Fix gift card would be a perfect add to my ever-growing wish list!!  Is my hubby reading this?!

What Stitch Fix is

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist subscription service.  You work with a stylist to create looks that go with your style and what you want to pay for an item.  You can also customize for certain occasions.  There is a styling fee of $20 for each time you request a box.  {But AWESOME news because its waived in November and December… you got it, you can try Stitch Fix for FREE for the rest of the year!}

Once your Stitch Fix arrives, you have 3 business days to try on your items, decide what you like and want to keep and what you want to send back.  You get a prepaid mailing envelope to send your items you don’t want back and you checkout online with the ones you do!   This is an amazing service if you are a busy mama or you have little ones who want to tag along on your mall trips.  Having someone style me has made my life 100% easier!

Let me just disclaim what I am about to say by telling you that I am INCREDIBLY picky about what I wear.  I won’t purchase something if I don’t 100% love it or if I don’t see myself wearing it more than once.  The good news is that your stylist will listen to you so don’t be afraid to give honest feedback!

How to Sign up for Stitch Fix

It’s super easy to sign up for Stitch Fix!  You can create an account and complete a quiz that will let your stylist know what your style and budget is.  You can also send over a Pinterest inspiration board (you can follow my Pinterest boards here!) that helps them to see what you love!  Also, you can also let your stylist know if you have a special event coming up that you will need specific items for (i.e. holidays, weddings, vacations, etc!)

Signing up is easy and trying Stitch Fix is completely free in November and December!  You don’t pay the $20 styling fee!

November 2017
stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /

stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /41 Hawthorn Alice Sweater Dress – Returned (wahhhhhh!!!)
stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /

I really mean what I saw with the wahhhhh!  I didn’t want to send this dress back.  In fact I probably should have kept it.  But my goal was to find a Christmas dress and this was just too casual.  I could have seen this so cutely styled with some casual boots or short black booties.  Sometimes adults have to make the tough choices.

41 Hawthorn Xander Sweater dress – Returned

stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /

As merry as this dress was, I had two issues with it.  It was too long for me and the waist detail hit just below my natural waist (also a product of me being short.)  I was bummed because it was gorgeous and the material was incredible quality.  But like I said in my disclaimer, it has to be spot on or else it goes back.

Renee C Nicola A Line Skirt – returned

41 Hawthorn Maizey Essential Crewneck Pullover – returned

stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /

This look is just too formal for me.  I think it is super classy and would work really well for an office setting.

Aubri Scallop Detail Dress – returned (another wahhhhh!!!!)stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /stitch fix outfits fall winter 2017 /

This one super bummed me out because I seriously LOVED this dress.  But since I live in Pittsburgh and I’m a sissy (haha!) I need something warmer.  I could completely see myself wearing this for maybe Easter?  But not Christmas so alas it went back.

The verdict – I still think it was a really great fix!  I was super specific with my criteria so unfortunately had to send back pieces even though I loved them.  I’m actually going to go for a casual box for December and am excited that I can try all of these pieces risk-free.  Is there really any better mail than that?!

You can follow me on Pinterest to see all of my looks and other fun stuff I have going on here at Momma Fit Lyndsey.  Feel free to follow me by clicking here!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  What have been some of your favorites??stitch fix fall winter outfits 2017

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