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One of my Instagram followers shared with me a totally addictive YouTube channel, The Domestic Geek, that had all of these interesting and unique recipes!  One of the videos showed an different overnight oats recipe that could be adapted for lots of different flavors!  I don’t know about you but having a filling breakfast is one of the things that sets me up for success for the day!  I also like trying different things, and if you can make it easy then I’m all for it!  Its been 3 days of overnight oats now for us.  Suffice it to say, I’m obsessed.

overnight oats recipe

Use what you have

I’m all about using what I have on hand when trying a new recipe or finding something to make in a quick pinch.  One of the options she gave was for banana nut bread.  This one was my favorite!  Some of the recipes included fresh berries so I haven’t had the chance to give those a try yet, but hopefully once berry season is in we can give those a whirl.

I was inspired to try my own recipe!  I’m a huge bulgur fan and one of my favorite bulgur parfait recipes is PB&J bulgur.  I decided to take a spin on the original recipe provided by The Domestic Geek, and make my own version!

The ingredient lineup

healthy breakfast recipes

1/3 cup rolled oats
2 TB almond milk
1 tsp chia seeds
1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 purple container red grapes
1 tsp peanut butter
sprinkling of cinnamon

I then layered each of the ingredients in a mason jar, covered them, and let them sit in the fridge overnight.  Note:  you can also wait to add the grapes til the morning.  I didn’t and I think I would like this even better if the grapes were a little cold 🙂

easy healthy breakfast

When I woke up I heated them up for 60 seconds in the microwave and had a delicious, peanut butter and jelly overnight oat.  I’m on a roll and am going to try some other combos!  Have you made overnight oats before?? What combos should I try out?  COMMENT below and let me know!


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