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21 Day Fix Review

June 28, 2015

21 Day Fix Review

It is true that the 21 day fix is what set in motion for me a new beginning.  For the past 7 years I have eaten pretty clean.  Of course pregnancy sort of derailed that at times… but all in all I considered myself a pretty healthy eater.  But the main issue I was having, the thing that was preventing me from truly losing the baby weight and re-shaping my body was the lack of weight training and cardio AND balanced nutrition.  I was a yogi (hot power flow yoga) and I was a calorie watcher.  But I had been doing yoga for 7 years and eating the same things!  Calorie counting didn’t matter if I was eating too many grains, fruit, and my beloved peanut butter!  I had no clue how important veggies and proteins really were in losing weight and toning.

21 Day Fix Review – the Pros:

~Teaches balanced nutrition AND portion control.  One is not independent of each other.  Eating balanced nutrition in huge quantities will not help you neither will eating small portions of the wrong things.

~Incorporating Shakeology was a non-negotiable.  So this is really a pro for any Beachbody program.  Each program has a meal plan and obviously the 21 Day fix is about fixing bad food habits and teaching new good ones.  Treats are few and far between with the 21 day fix but everyday I was able to have Shakeology, CHOCOLATE Shakeology that tasted like dessert.  Its so full of good nutrients to fill in nutrition gaps, provide superfoods and vitamins that I was not getting otherwise, and provide me with the energy I needed to keep going with my program.

~Mixing weighted and non-weighted workouts that are short!  30 minutes a day is doable for anyone.  I really did not want to dedicate myself to a program that would make me work out for more than 30 minutes.  I just don’t have that kind of time!  I run my own business as a wedding photographer and I am the primary caretaker of our two small children.  It had to be quick!  So that is a plus!  Additionally, the mix of cardio, weights, and pilates and yoga workouts were a great way to keep my body guessing about what was coming next and start to lean and sculpt!

My results! 8.5 pounds and 4 inches down!

Here is me at work, last September and this June.  I cannot believe the difference.  Photography equipment is extremely heavy and you are on your feet and up and down all day long.  I would come home from shooting a 10 hour wedding day last year in so much pain.  There were times I could hardly even lift my camera by the end of the day!  This shot of me on the right is from the reception (about 6 or so hours into the day).  I no longer feel that pain and getting up and down and lifting my equipment is no longer an issue.  To be able to do my job better without pain is priceless!


So, are there any cons to the 21 day fix?  Not really in my mind!! I just finished up my second round and am so delighted at the results.  In my first round I lost 8.5 pounds and lost 2 to 3 sizes.  Between my first and second rounds I went on vacation and gained 3 pounds 🙁  BUT in round 2 I was able to lose those 3 pounds and now I am maintaining my weight.  I am so thrilled with this and can’t wait to continue on with this journey!

Have you done the 21 Day Fix?  What was your experience like?

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